Back to School!

Posted by Dar al Hanane on September 13, 2013

Its been a long hot summer here in Marrakech, and predictably as the temperature goes up productivity falls.  Ramadan followed by Moroccan holiday season means that nothing much happens in Marrakech for July and August, but we decided that was OK.  We would take a break, recharge our batteries and then get back to work.  So, September is here and its got that ‘Back-to-School’ feeling about it.  We are making plans this term to really get moving with official permissions required and fundraising, so that when 2014 comes round, we will be in a position to get the doors opened to our pilot project and start seeing patients.  This is going to mean time spent in the office, when really we would rather be getting our hands dirty, but that’s OK!  We can cope with that for a few months!

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