Ghizlane’s Story

Posted by Dar al Hanane on February 1, 2016

It doesn’t matter your age or your level of education, at Dar Al Hanane, we think that everyone can (and should!) learn some first aid skills. That’s the reason we’ve been running a Basic Life Support in the Amal Centre. As my friend, Ghizlane found out last month, any one of us could make the difference between life and death.

Here’s what happened to her:
“Three months after I successfully completed the Basic Life Support training that Dr Clare from Dar Al Hanane delivered in the Amal Centre, I was able to put my new skills to the test….. I was at home with my family and my 2-year old niece was playing the corner. She had managed to get her hands on some small coins that had been sitting around the house. All of a sudden, my mother starts to shout and I look round to see my niece silently panicking with her hands on her neck, unable to talk or breath. She was slowly turning a colour of blue. My mother starts by trying to remove whatever is in her mouth, and then my training kicked in. I told mum to step aside, not to put her fingers in the child’s mouth, and not to panic because I knew what to do. I stepped behind the child exactly as Dr Clare had showed us how to do, and I did the compressions to force the coin out of her throat. After just a few attempts the coin flew popped out of her mouth, and she took a much needed gasp of air. Within just a few minutes, she was completely recovered and back to playing again. My family are so thankful to Dr Clare and all at Dar Al Hanane for teaching me the skills, and having the confidence to use them, which means that my niece is still with us today.”

For more information click here (English / French) for a first aid for choking guide from ‘Baby Centre’

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