Teaching, training and wheelchairs

Posted by Peter on June 23, 2016

Ramadan Mubarak! The heat has really arrived to Marrakech – this week the temperatures are well over 40C (104F). Life in Compassion House | Dar AlHanane over last few months has included some teaching, some Basic Life Support trainings, and this week we’ve been lifting lots of wheelchairs. We’re happy to bring you up to date.

‘Basic Life Support’ Training

035bAs we mentioned in our last update, over the past few months we have provided several Basic Life Support (BLS) trainings both in English and in Arabic. Basic Life Support is simple medical care for victims of life-threatening illnesses or injuries until they can be given full medical care in a hospital. Part of the training references the chain of survival. Those people that survive an injury or sudden life threatening illness (like a heart attack) outside of hospital are often those where someone nearby steps in to help. We believe that everyone can do something to help and the sooner something is done, the greater the victim’s chance of survival. We will run more of these BLS trainings later this year.

The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Marrakech

Cadi AyyadWe have been privileged to work with some of the professors from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (FMPM) University Cadi Ayyad, in Marrakech. In a bid to help and inspire local doctors to do more research, the university organised a ‘Day of Research’. We were very grateful that Dr I. Stell, a medical consultant in London, and friend of Dar AlHanane, was able to fly in from London to give a workshop on “How to design your own research project” and also a lecture on “Basic Research Design”. This day was in addition to some research workshops we were also able to run for the 4th Year Medical Students.

Epilepsy patient and family event

We also were privileged to host an Epilepsy patient and family event in Compassion House | Dar AlHanane. This came about through a relationship with the Moroccan Association against Epilepsy (l’Association Marocaine Contre l’Epilepsie) and their President, Dr N Kissani, Professor in Neurology and the Head of the Neurology Department at the University Hospital Mohamed VI in Marrakech. We had 40-50 people who came for the presentation and discussion afterwards. The aim was to help families affected by epilepsy so one of our presentations was on basic first aid for someone having a seizure. We hope there will be opportunities for future similar events.


WheelChair_GEN_3-2016Over the last month Gateway Medical Alliance has been involved in importing and distributing several hundred wheelchairs along with our partners Association Grand Atlas. These will be given away through our various projects throughout Morocco to those who need them. It is a real privilege to provide the transforming gift of mobility to physically disabled we come in contact with.

Please ask if you would like more information about this or any of the things we’re involved in.