What’s next for Dar El Hanane?

Posted by Peter on May 28, 2018

In June 2018, the Dar El Hanane team is looking to branch out and become an independent, locally registered Marrakech association! Having been initially launched in partnership with Gateway Medical Alliance, the Dar el Hanane team is now continuing to strengthen its local footprint by seeking to open an independent Marrakech association. In the interim period, starting this month, centralized Dar el Hanane activities in the Daoudiate building will pause.  The team’s efforts to be a compassionate presence for medical care in Marrakech will continue in a networked fashion.

The Dar el Hanane team is grateful for the the four and five years that Dr Peter Garland and Dave McCormick served the vision and worked within the Dar el Hanane structure for the good of the poor in health education and promotion.  A new chapter is coming for each of their stories.  As Peter moves on to launch Halqa Health Circles within Gateway Medical Alliance, and Dave moves on to become the President of Gateway Medical Alliance Morocco, the Dar el Hanane team wants to thank them and wish them well!

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